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RateAcuity gives powerful insight into electric rates from various utilities nationwide, enabling you to: analyze trends and patterns, report on and compare rate options, and easily incorporate data into your own software tool.

Our high degree of accuracy puts the electric rate data you need at your fingertips saving you from long hours spent searching tariff documents and schedules.

Visit our website, email us, or call us at 843-779-7612 for more info.


KFR Services provides accurate telecom jurisdiction, numbering plan and call rating data solutions.

Clients use our local calling area database, NPA-NXX database and LEC rates database to avoid the pitfalls of billing and reporting mistakes...because there's no such thing as just one mistake when you're processing call detail records (CDRs) against inaccurate referential data. A single jurisdictional or rate error multiplies quickly when it's applied to thousands – or even millions – of CDRs.

Visit our website, email us, or call us at 800.433.6181 for more info.


KFR provides Association Management and Consulting Services, primarily in the recreational boating industry.  KFR owns and operates America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association, LLC.


In addition, we are the exclusive U.S. distributor for Nebo Trackers. Nebo is a boat logging app that makes it easy to record and share your boating memories and experiences.  You can share your boat log with family and friends, members of your club, or with the larger community via social media.

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